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We do not save any messages at clouds Like other apps DO!

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SuperSMS - Text Messages

Do you ever wish you can change the Past? Now it is possible With SuperSMS.

SuperSMS - Text Messages

feature list

SuperSMS gives you the latest technological advances :

★ Integration that means work with built-in sms SMS, messages of Super SMS, Viber and WhatsApp in one application.

★ Free, quick and easy sending of pictures& video without using MMS that saves your money (only if both side have "SuperSMS" otherwise it's will not send).

★ Message Read Unread Alert.

★ Hiding of any chat with your unique password

★ Ability to convert a voice message into text.

★ No restrictions on the size of the video sent.

★ Unlimited postponing of message sending.

★ Quick deleting of a message that has not yet been delivered.

★ Fast editing of an already delivered message.

★ Deleting of the sent message from the sender’s and recipient’s phones.

★ The largest collection of supported stickers and animated gif-pictures.

★ A wide choose of cool wallpapers for chat design.

★ Easy to block / unblock contacts.

★ Easy search in text option.

★ Quick Call to Contact Option, Quick Snap & Send photo option.

★ Quick Call using usual call, through Viber or Whats App.

★ Reliable spam filter and high level of security.

★ Creation of a back-up copy of all messages as a zip-file.

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