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By DustFall posted July 20, 2016


SuperSMS is an exclusive "a lot-in-one" application that you can use for messaging in your Android phone instead of many different messengers. SuperSMS will help you to send messages via usual SMS without using MMS. SuperSMS will never send photos/videos/files via MMS. All messages will be sent through cloud or regular text messages according to the tariffs of your local mobile connection provider. We do not collect, store or use any personal information, either we do not let to the any third side persons or companies to look for or to use this information. We may use some general non-personal information (phone model, operation system, country, frequency of use) that will help us to develop, deliver, improve our products and supply the higher quality service. Non-personal information is the data in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual.


We take very seriously the level of the security of all the information associated with SuperSMS, and do our best to protect this information. To make sure your personal information is protected we do use encrypted data, all of the video and photos are encrypted and very secure.


When using of SuperSMS you agree to our Privacy Policy. We reserve the rights to change the Privacy Policy at any certain time and we would give you a message about the changes that would be done.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or about the application SuperSMS, please Contact Us at: [email protected]